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Crowberry Consulting Ltd has over 10 years’ experience in this standard and have worked with venues, hotels, conference centres and stadiums to implement and measure sustainability, including the carbon footprint of events.

ISO 20121 is an Event Sustainability Management system and is designed to help event organisations recognise their impact on the economy, society and the environment and show them how to run sustainable events. It aims to maximise positive environmental impacts through event sustainability and this is achieved through economic prosperity, social responsibility and environmental responsibility.

Certification to ISO 20121 demonstrates to customers that you take a serious commitment to protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability.

ISO 20121 is based on the Plan, Do, Check, Act and Review management cycle and includes sustainable procurement and sustainability performance as mandatory clauses.

If you would like to learn more watch our introductory video to ISO 20121 below:

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Crowberry Consulting Ltd can support the implementation of an Energy Management System (EnMS) to the ISO 50001 standard by providing internal audit support, energy compliance register updates, training on audits and implementation, as well as gap analysis.

We have over 10 years’ experience of working with this standard and work with many large organisations across the UK to ensure they retain their ISO 50001 certification.

If you would like to learn more watch our introductory video to ISO 50001 below:

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This training course, aimed at Company Directors and Managers, will improve your understanding of the main corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues. The Companies Act 2006 states that directors need to know their businesses environmental and community impacts.

To learn more about Corporate Social Responsibility watch our introductory video below:

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Crowberry Consulting Ltd’s Environmental Audits can reduce your energy consumption, waste bills, water bills, your environmental impacts and carbon footprint, whilst saving you money.

The Audit will take no longer than half-a-day and can have a positive effect on your bottom line in an environment when controlling costs is critical to any businesses success. Within this Audit you will receive a non-obligatory action plan that will identify cost savings, environmental savings and further recommendations for your business.

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Crowberry Consulting Ltd also offer some additional standards that can help you ensure your business will become more environmentally friendly.

bullet pointAA1000 – this is the AccountAbility standard that ensures your organisation becomes more sustainable, accountable and environmentally responsible.

bullet pointGRESB INFRASTRUCTURE ASSESSMENT – we can provide support and documentation checks to this methodology prior to submitting your data.

bullet pointISO26000 – we also offer support and advice on the ISO26000 Social Responsibility Guidance Standard.

If you would like to learn more watch our introductory video to ISO 14001 below:

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Crowberry Consulting Ltd can help you put together a sustainable procurement strategy to ensure that your business is not putting excessive demands on the environment, which is a great tool to combat climate change.

The sustainable procurement strategy could also help your organisation be seen as a leader in environmentally responsible purchasing.

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Crowberry Consulting Ltd has over 6 years of industry experience in providing ethical Audits to businesses, with some examples including SEDEX (SMETA) and Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

Ethical Audits are usually triggered by large corporate customers who are checking supply chains to various ethical codes and legislation.

The type of issues covered in an Ethical Audit includes: labour rights and conditions, human rights, business ethics, community impact, environmental management, health and safety and HR related matters.

We can support your business to plan and prepare for such an Audit with a Gap Analysis, or we could provide the Audit itself.

If you would like to learn more watch our introductory video to Ethical Auditing below: