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ISO 50001 is the global ISO for Energy Management (EnMS) for businesses and organisations both large and small.

Based on the Plan, Do, Check, Act and Review cycle it includes mandatory clauses on procurement and design. Key to the EnMS process is the identification of the businesses significant energy uses, and critically the standard can cover utilities and transport.

Crowberry Consulting Ltd has supported businesses on Energy Management since 2010 so have plenty of experience when it comes to offering support and a one-day training course, that can be delivered in house, in this area.

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Crowberry Consulting Ltd are able to run a half-day workshop at your premises that will highlight whether you have a green office, how to become an energy efficient office and how becoming more energy efficient will help you reduce your operating costs.

Having a green office will show that you take environmental standards seriously and can help if you are facing supply chain pressure to become more energy efficient.

Tools and techniques covered in this workshop include sustainable procurement and screening suppliers for ethical credentials and environmental standards.

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ISO 20121 is a standard that evolved from BS 8901, with high profile organisations such as Croke Park Stadium (Dublin) and the London 2012 Olympics achieving this standard to demonstrate their credibility for delivering sustainable games.

Again, based on the Plan, Do, Check, Act and Review management cycle this standard has mandatory clauses on leadership, sustainable procurement and sustainability performance and can be aligned with other ISOs such as ISO 14001 or ISO 9001.

Crowberry Consulting Ltd can provide a one-day introduction course to the ISO 20121 standard, and how it can benefit your organisation. The introduction course is based on interactive workshops and some prior knowledge of the standard is assumed for the delegates. We also provide a one day internal auditors course to the standard, where delegates can conduct mock audits at their site to build auditor confidence and understanding.

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This training course, aimed at Company Directors and Managers, will improve your understanding of the main corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues. The Companies Act 2006 states that directors need to know their businesses environmental and community impacts.

Crowberry Consulting Ltd will also show you how to manage your CSR risks, report on your main CSR activities and how to add value to your brand by engaging in CSR programmes.

The benefits of the Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop are:

Reduced operating costs.

Staff understanding of environmental and ethical issues.

Identification of key CSR performance issues and an outlined strategy to achieve better results.

ISO26000 guidance on CSR implementation in your organisation.

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Crowberry Consulting Ltd can offer a half-day Carbon Footprint Workshop delivered straight to your premises, showing you how to calculate your carbon footprint and how to lower your carbon emissions through a carbon management strategy.

You will receive an introduction into climate change and carbon management which will help you to understand carbon footprint legislation for organisations in the UK.

We will show you the impact your organisations has on the environment by calculating its carbon footprint and showing you how to reduce it using carbon management tools.